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Roll on Wax

Everything you need to know about roll ons!

Welcome to our site, we hope to provide you with he right information when picking the right roll on wax product.

Why should i consider the roll on for hair removal waxing? Here are some reasons why.

1. No other product applies wax to the skin faster than the roll on wax cartridge.

2. Its not messy or drippy, you don’t have to touch the wax or use spatulas like with other soft waxes.

3. Once you are done with it you can easily discard or recycle it no need to clean roller heads or use special cleaners.

4. There are several wax types to choose from all with special benefits to your skin while waxing

5. All natural ingredients is what you can expect, no polymers or chemicals in this wax so you can use it in confidence

roll on wax

Here is an image of the roll on wax warmer in action.

Also a great video by starpil wax roll ons showing the roll on doing what it does best. Happy rolling!

here another resource to hair removal and much more.


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